Monday, September 8, 2008

Deleted Song: Buried Alive!

Okay, I admit it--I'm from Chicago, and a fan of the White Sox, and I was looking for a way to work in a sort of Easter egg joke for other Sox fans. What could be better than a reference to Bill Veeck's ill-fated "Disco Demolition Night" promotion? Hence, the brief disco revival in Chapter Eight, which led to the discussion about the lengths people would go to in order to register their dislike of such music. Then, after a few beers, my friend Vic and I came up with this mildly gruesome parody of a popular disco song (you can figure out which one).

It was fun to write, and fun to read, but I eventually took it out because it seemed to make a scene that was already pretty silly just a bit too silly.

Go ahead and sing it. You know you want to.

"How the heck did you know this dance?" Nalia demanded.

"Mister Saughblade is a fan of disco," Jape said. "Can't understand why."

Scrornuck shrugged. "It's the beat--you either love it or you hate it."

"And I don't love it," Jape said. "I'm not quite as bad as those guys in my world who exploded a bomb in a sports stadium to show how much they hated disco, but I'm close."

"A bomb?" Nalia said. "That's terrible."

"I'll say," Scrornuck agreed, "the home team had to forfeit the game." He started strolling across the square, still dancing a bit and singing in a soft falsetto:

"Well, you can tell by the way I'm startin' to rot

Been down in the ground since seven o'clock

I'm not as cold as you might think

But hold your nose, 'cause I'm startin' to stink.

And it's all right, it's OK, gonna feed some worms today

What you smell, what you see, gettin' green and spidery...

I can tell what you're supposin'

I know that I'm decomposin'

Buried alive--buried alive!

Ah--ah--ah--ah--buried aliiiiiiiveeee...."

"Well, that was wholesome," Jape said with a sour look.

"Glad you liked it," Scrornuck replied. "Should I do the number about the knights on Broadway?"

"Please don't." Jape made a face.

"Okay," Scrornuck said with a grin, "I never really believed that stuff about dancing through Manhattan in suits of armor anyway."

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